Case Delete Ltd: The SkipUp improved our transportation logistics

Environmental full-service provider Delete Ltd has been using the SkipUp skip organisers since September 2020. The company operates with over 20 skip organisers in Turku, Rauma and Helsinki region. Vesa-Matti Stenroos from Delete is very pleased with the SkipUp skip organisers. 

Environmental full-service provider Delete was established in 2010 and the company offers industrial recycling and cleaning services in Finland and Sweden. Delete has been operating the SkipUp skip organiser for just over a year. According to Delete’s Sales Manager Vesa-Matti Stenroos the skip organisers are easy and safe to operate

– We coordinated skip organiser training for our staff and customers. With our experience the system is very user friendly and the operation is easy to learn, says Stenroos.

SkipUp saves time and fuel 

Delete collects the ready recycled waste from its customers. The use of SkipUp skip organisers has optimised work site logistics and cut costs in fuel consumption as well as saved time.  

– We have been operating SkipUps in such locations in Finland where Delete does not have waste reception facilities. The transportation distances are remarkable. With the help of SkipUps we can transport a larger variety of different recycled materials to our waste reception center in Tampere. Thus we can skip the extra handling and paper work involved. This is a significant saving in resources, fuel and time, Stenroos explains.  

Versatility of the SkipUp system was a pleasant surprise 

It is possible to store up to three skips on top of another. Skip organisers can also be altered according to customers needs. For example a customer can to choose skip organisers with a system that replaces a full skip with an empty skip while the full skip is being lifted on top of a lorry for transport.

– We chose a so called semi-version since we do not operate on such crowded worksites. A full version is very handy on congested work sites with limited space. We were more interested in optimizing our transport logistics. We were positively surprised to notice that there was such a versatility regarding skip systems.

Stenroos is also pleased with SkipUps product development and ecological aspects 

– I have noticed that older SkipUp skips are being constantly updated. We just received a new set of SkipUps. Old skips were converted into new SkipUp skip organisers. Re-using old used skips is definitely a very environmental way of operating.  

Delete Group Ltd

Delete Group Ltd is one of the leading environmental full-service providers in the Nordic countries.

The group offers industrial cleaning services, demolition services and recycling services. In 2020 Delete’s annual turnover was € 117 million. Delete Group Ltd employs more than 700 professionals in 35 locations in Finland and Sweden. 



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