What is a SkipUp?

The SkipUp System is a patented skip organiser which can be used on all vehicles and the system fits all skip types. The organiser enables stacking up and easy replacing of skips on congested construction sites. The organiser can stack up two skips for transportation.

Benefits of using skipUp

Patented SkipUp skip organiser provides smart solutions for construction logistics and infrastructure. It is developed to meet the challenges of urbanisation and sustainable development.


Reduces emissions up to


Reduces carbon footprint up to


Reduces costs of transportation up to


Reduces on site traffic up to

Return on investment (ROI) calculator

Sustainable Innovation

More efficient and smarter construction logistic solutions are needed for environmental reasons. According to recent studies construction related transport was found to be one of the biggest challenges in improving sustainability.

Easy recycling and waste sorting

The SkipUp system is perfect for material recycling and ideal for industrial sites that require constant skip changing. The use of SkipUp organiser provides easier and faster skip cycling and waste sorting. On-site logistics are reduced by 50 % and sites have an empty skip at their disposal at all times.

Savings on transportation costs

It is also possible to obtain further savings in transportation costs. Less travelled kilometres equals reduced fuel consumption. 


Urbanisation is creating a higher demand for construction, repair and renovation works in cities. Consequently construction, demolition and industrial sites struggle with lack of space. The SkipUp skip organiser provides smart solutions for construction logistics and infrastructure.

Steady and uninterrupted work flow

SkipUp skip organiser makes it possible to replace a full skip with an empty one while the full skip is being lifted on top of a lorry for transportation. The SkipUp system enables a steady work flow that remains uninterrupted and productive.


Transport activities related to construction works have a negative impact on the surrounding community if not handled appropriately. High number and inefficient use of vehicles to and from the construction sites cause congestion, emissions and noise. The SkipUp system is designed to revolutionise construction logistics.

Save space and reduce congestion

The SkipUp system reduces onsite congestion, even in confined spaces. The skips are easy to maneuver in and out of constricted areas safely. It is possible to store up to three skips on top of another. Thus the need for space required for storing skips is significantly reduced.

Fits all existing skips

SkipUp system fits all vehicles and can be assembled to existing skip containers. The system is very user friendly and easy to apply. The SkipUp skip organiser can be used with most existing skip types.


The SkipUp skip organiser also improves work safety as the system reduces truck traffic near the sites. Overcrowded urban areas and construction sites may poses various safety risks.

reduce traffic – increase safety

With the use of SkipUp system on site traffic can be cut in half. This may significantly reduce the amount of traffic accidents during transport of goods and people to, from and within the site. Reduced congestion and less infrastructural bottlenecks equals improved on site safety. 

More space on work site

The number of skips on site is decreased since only one skip for each type of material is needed. Storage space is significantly reduced as it is possible to store three skips on top of another.

Awards & Patents

German Innovation Award prize
B2B sector for Logistics and Infrastructure
28 May 2019
German Museum of Technology, Berlin

The IAA Trailer Innovation Award
2nd prize in the Body category
21 September 2018
IAA Nutzfahrzeuge event

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