SkipUp skip innovation awarded in Germany

The German Innovation Awards honor products and solutions that distinguish themselves primarily by their user centricity and added value compared to earlier solutions across all industrial sectors – because innovations that shape the future and improve our lives come from all industries. Sometimes you recognize them at first glance – but often this is not the case. The German Innovation Awards intend to change that. The competition makes outstanding achievements visible to a wide audience and ensures successful positioning in the market.

SkipUp skip organizer won the German Innovation Award prize in B2B sector for Logistics and Infrastructure. The Awards took place on the 28th of May 2019 at the German Museum of Technology in Berlin.

SkipUp skip organizer was developed to meet the challenges of urbanization and sustainable development. With SkipUp, you can achieve efficient space utilization at construction sites, and reduce transport costs up to 50%. It also improves work safety with reduced truck traffic near the sites.



German Innovation Award, kultasija
B2B-sektorin logistiikka ja infrastruktuuri -kategoria 28. toukokuu 2019 Deutsches
Technikmuseum Berlin, Saksa

The IAA Trailer Innovation Award, hopeasija
21. syyskuu 2018
IAA Nutzfahrzeuge -näyttely, Saksa

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