SkipUp skip organiser successful in a major logistics innovation competition in Germany

The IAA Trailer Innovation Award is designed to promote innovations in the trailer and body sector. New SkipUp skip organiser came second in the competition in category Body. The prizes were awarded on 21 September 2018 at the IAA Nutzfahrzeuge event.

The Trailer Innovation Awards have been awarded since 2002. The purpose of the award is to give recognition to innovations in the trailer and bodybuilding industries in Europe. VDA has supported the award from the beginning, and the Trailer Innovation Awards is a significant part of the IAA Nutzfahrzeuge event. IAA is one of Europe’s largest and oldest transportation events with almost one million visitors every year and around 200 000 square meters of exhibition space.

The competition jury is made up of 16 members, who are representatives of major European transport press. Each member of the jury acts independently, giving scores to the participants. The scoring takes into account innovation, safety and cost efficiency, among other things.

Lotus Demolition participated the competition with its new SkipUp skip organiser. SkipUp makes it possible to replace a full skip with an empty skip while the full skip is being lifted on top of a lorry for transport. This innovation makes on-site logistics more efficient and cuts logistics emissions by half in the process. In addition, the need for space required for storing skips is significantly reduced as SkipUp makes it possible to store three skips on top of one another.

Benefits of using the SkipUp skip organiser

  1. Transportation emissions cut in half, carbon footprint decreased by 50 per cent
  2. Cost of transportation cut in half
  3. Number of vehicles at the construction site cut in half and increased safety on site
  4. Suitable for standard skips
  5. Does not require changes in the current transportation vehicles
  6. Triples the capacity of the area reserved for skips



German Innovation Award, kultasija
B2B-sektorin logistiikka ja infrastruktuuri -kategoria 28. toukokuu 2019 Deutsches
Technikmuseum Berlin, Saksa

The IAA Trailer Innovation Award, hopeasija
21. syyskuu 2018
IAA Nutzfahrzeuge -näyttely, Saksa

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