Technical details

The SkipUp System is a patented skip organiser which can be used on all vehicles and the system fits all skip types. The organiser enables stacking up and easy replacing of skips on congested construction sites. The organizer can transport up to six skips depending on the transportation vehicles capacity.

SkipUp skips are equipped with a movable solid lid. The lid enables safe walking on top of the skip.


Multi-purpose ramps

Back guide beam

Guide beam

Guide beam

Guide beam

Upper rail


Maximum total weight of the upper pallet (load + pallet weight) max. 5300 kg.
Total weight of the SkipUp parts 350 kg.

Why choose SkipUp?

Lotus Demolitions Industry Manager Tommi Leppiaho felt the need to address the problems on demolition and construction sites created by growing urbanization. He came up with the idea of SkipUp skip organiser – a smart solution for problematic construction logistics and infrastructure…

Awards & Patents

German Innovation Award prize
B2B sector for Logistics and Infrastructure
28 May 2019
German Museum of Technology, Berlin

The IAA Trailer Innovation Award
2nd prize in the Body category
21 September 2018
IAA Nutzfahrzeuge event

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