Why choose SkipUp?

Lotus Demolitions Industry Manager Tommi Leppiaho felt the need to address the problems on demolition and construction sites created by growing urbanization. He came up with the idea of SkipUp skip organiser – a smart solution for problematic construction logistics and infrastructure. 

At the end of 2016 Leppiaho was operating on several demolition sites in Helsinki city centre. The sites had large amounts of building and demolition waste and the infrastructure was very challenging to organise. The sites located at tight urban areas were constantly crowded and congested.

The sites were usually large restoration projects that required a functional management of demolition waste collection. The waste collection was executed simultaneously by several vehicles driving back and forth. This created a lot of congestion but was also a major factor in cost increases. High number and inefficient use of vehicles also caused emissions and noise. 

Skip replacing interrupted the work flow and consequently skips were often over filled. This in addition created dangerous situations at the work sites and compromised work safety significantly.  

Facing constantly these various challenges Leppiaho saw the need for an innovation that would change the way the skips on the construction and demolition sites were handled. He thought of a solution how tomaneuver skips in and out of constricted spaces safely. Leppiaho started to draft skips that could be stored on top of another skip. He was also eager in streamlining the skip replacing procedure. 

Leppiaho created the SkipUp skip organiser in 2018. The innovative system enables a fluent skip replacement by changing a full skip with an empty one as the full skip is being lifted on top of a lorry for transport.

Thus the work flow stays uninterrupted and productive.

The lack of storage space on demolition sites was solved by building stackable skips. As a result it is possible to store up to three skips on top of another.

Leppiaho also decided to equip the SkipUp skip organisers with movable solid lids. The lids enable safe walking on top of a skip, ensure waste stays in place and reduces odours.  

The SkipUp skip organisers were a result of Leppiaho’ s visionary work in development and precision engineering. The innovation has been well received by customers. 

In May 2019 the SkipUp skip organiser won the German Innovation Award prize in B2B sector for Logistics and Infrastructure. 



German Innovation Award, kultasija
B2B-sektorin logistiikka ja infrastruktuuri -kategoria 28. toukokuu 2019 Deutsches
Technikmuseum Berlin, Saksa

The IAA Trailer Innovation Award, hopeasija
21. syyskuu 2018
IAA Nutzfahrzeuge -näyttely, Saksa

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